Regele Builders, Inc. is a high-end General Contracting and Construction Management firm. Our in-house talent and longstanding (decades) cadre of subcontractors provide us with superior quality control without added layers of markup.      

Our clients will attest that long after we finish a job, they can call us for technical support, maintenance, or additional scope, and they are able to work with the same project manager, supervisor, carpenters, and tradesmen who originally built their home, office, or gallery.  

We have been in business in Manhattan for over 30 years. We do high-end work of all types and can provide pre-construction planning and budgeting services which help to get projects off the ground and keep them on track and on budget. 

The Manhattan market is awash with "bespoke" builders who delegate much of their work, making their living more from marketing than from construction, and with first-timers, giving prices too good to be true in order to break into the market. Regele Builders proudly stands apart with decades of New York City experience and an impeccable track record. Our clients have the peace of mind that we'll be here, on 15th Street, when they need us.